Netgear Router Not Working

How to Fix a Netgear Router Not Working

A good Netgear wireless router is indispensable for many households and businesses. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to access the internet from your home or office network. It is important to maintain your wireless router so that you can use it for as long as possible. This blog looks at possible reasons as to why your Netgear wireless router may stop working and what you can do about it.

Common Netgear router not working problems

There are many home networking devices available in the market, which serve to connect your devices with the internet. Netgear is a popular brand in the market, but if you are facing some problems in the networking device, then you can check out the common Netgear router issues, which are mentioned below:

Restart your router

Restarting your router can fix a Netgear Router Not Working in some cases. Just turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on again. While this is not guaranteed to work, it is definitely worth a try!

Update Netgear Firmware

If you are facing a problem with your router than you may need an updated firmware for that. The firmware is an OS for the router. It is an integrated software that runs on the hardware. Mostly this firmware is compatible with the routers and different hardware. If you have not updated the firmware in your router then you may face some problems and issues. The main problem that occurs if you have not updated the firmware is the security issues. Since the firmware that is installed on your router is outdated and is not able to tackle with the hackers and other threats. That is why you need to update the firmware and make your router secured from threats.

Reset Your Netgear Router

Resetting your router will clear all the passwords and settings on the router. This will reset your all the settings including the password. So reset your router if you are having any issue with your router. Resetting your router is quite simple and it can be done in just a few steps and can be done in less than a minute. Simply unplug your router from the power source and wait for a minute or so and then plug it back in.

Switch DNS Server

Switching DNS servers is a way to bypass ISP provided DNS server and to use Google DNS. Some ISP DNS servers are not reliable and slow down the internet connection. So you should switch to Google DNS to get faster and reliable internet.

Summing UP:

How to Fix a Netgear Router Not Working. If you are using a Netgear router, you may experience trouble with the internet connection. With this guide, we hope to provide you with some easy-to-follow tips that will help you resolve the issue without the need for a professional, also visit

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